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Sketch club is one of our most popular classes!!!  We always have new innovative and creative ideas. Each month we offer a new sketch and also a revised sketch. When you sign up for the club you will receive an email from us with that months sketches. Product for finished layouts are available to order or bring your own product's to complete your  layout. 

Sketch Club Fee $12.00

 Sketch Club 2017     Sketch Club 2016    Sketch Club 2015 Sketch Club 2014   Sketch Club 2013
 January   January     January   January   January  
 February    February   February   February   February REG  
 March    March    March 12 HR   March   February 12HR  
April    April    April   April   March  
 May    May    May
  May   April  
June    June    June    June 12 Hour   May  
July    July    July 12 Hour   June Regular   June REG  
August    August     August    July   June 12HR  
 September    September    September     August   July  
 October    October    October   September   August  
   November    November 12 Hour    October   September  
 December    December   December   November   October REG  
            December   October 12HR